Services and Activities

Following Covid we are reviewing, restoring and updating the services, activities, groups, leaflets, etc. as quickly as possible (For more please click here.)

Fit Club (Seated Exercise Therapy)

This is about making life easier for all who may be “over 60” and, perhaps, just “a bit stiff in the joints” or “a bit out of puff”. What a difference can be made with some simple exercises that we can do whilst sitting in a chair – removing stress, reducing pain, improving posture, and so on. It’s gentle and fun - not at all about “no gain without pain” – and you can do it at home - less of the gym and more of the lounge! The biscuits are to die for!! And if you want to try it out at home, why not explore the exercise segment of our Integrated Well-Being Package - Sorry can't provide the biscuits!

Cameo (Activities and Social Interaction)

A regular series of sessions aimed at encouraging both social and intellectual activity, and giving carers, those those with dementia, and other older people  opportunities to meet and interact with others in the community. They are designed to cater for a wide range of interests, and physical and mental capabilities and to assist in reducing isolation from the community as a whole. These have been developed jointly with St Mary’s Church.

Open leaflet for joining the scheme containing further details

Debenham Project Lunch Clubs

Luncheon clubs inclusive of all the elderly and their carers but with a clear remit to support the carers of those with dementia, and an emphasis on maintaining social contact in the community. Catering for, generally, between eight and twelve guests, Plus volunteers, it is an opportunity to develop and enjoy friendships as a group in a  very relaxed environment. Currently, we have two clubs - Cross Green and Coopersfield - and for the moment both have full memberships. However, if demand increases we will seek to open a third club.

Open leaflet for joining the scheme containing further details

Information and Advice

Prominent and easy access to quality information and support including displays of up-to-date information leaflets, booklets and available activities/services. Access through our website to extensive and accredited information, and a personal service to guide carers in their requests for information and in making contact with support agencies.

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Medication and Pharmacy Support

Many who have dementia also have other ailments eg diabetes, chronic heart disease, etc which need daily medication. The number of pills that have to be accurately sorted can be large and confusing. The Pharmacy offers a personal service providing help to carers in ensuring that those they care for reliably take their medicine. Advice can be given regarding dosset boxes including special boxes which alert the person to the need to take their medication. In addition, the pharmacist can assist in liaising with the GP surgery, and “signposting” to other professional support.

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Carers’ Club and Info Café

Afternoon tea when you can get to know others in a similar position to yourself and make friends. An opportunity to talk through problems with volunteers who understand your situation or just to enjoy an hour or so in company.  An experienced volunteer dementia support advisor is there each month to  help with your concerns and requests for information / support. Fabulous cakes!

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A transport service for those who have difficulty in attending medical (GP, hospital, dental, physio, etc.) appointments. A local volunteer driver will pick you up and take you direct from your home to your destination, wait with you, and return you home. To cover the volunteer's expenses a donation is requested equivalent to the standard mileage costs plus parking. 

One to One

A small team of experienced retired health and social care professionals who are willing to link directly with individual families and offer support when they receive a diagnosis followed by help and advice whenever they may need “someone to come alongside” - not to take away the problems but to help them cope with them.

Personal Care and Domestic Help Register

A list of providers of personal care and domestic help which can be requested when needed. This contains individuals and organisations that The Debenham Project is aware of and who are committed to supplying their services to customers in and around Debenham.