Your Stories and Our Stories

Your Stories

You are not alone – here are some experiences of other carers – the Debenham Project aims to provide help and support to all carers. These are real stories although anonymous. * Names and some details have been changed.


Your Story: Graham* and Katherine*

My mother was a very intelligent and capable woman, although not highly educated. She was in the ATS and married my father during the Second World War. When the war finished more

Your Story : Violet*, Elizabeth* and William*

Violet is in her late 80s and moved to Debenham in 1997. She moved to the village to be closer to friends and family and to the residential home where her husband was cared for more

Your Story : Janet* and George*

Janet and George have lived in Debenham for 10 years. George was a freelance writer until his failing memory and physical problems made this increasingly difficult. By 2006 his memory problem was so severe that medical help was sought and his condition was diagnosed as early-stage dementia more

Your Story:  John*, Ann*, Susan* Marjorie* and Sarah*

John with his wife Patricia run a business. His two sisters already lived in Debenham when, 18 months ago, he also moved into the village with their mother, Ann. Ann developed late-onset dementia four years ago more

Your Story:  Harry*, Sally* and Steven*

Steven is in his early nineties. He lives alone in a bungalow . He was always known as a delightful gentleman, well known throughout Debenham. His son Harry and his daughter in law Sally live in a nearby village. About ten years ago Harry noticed that dad was beginning to feel unsure of himself more

Our Stories

There are so many people who are involved in the Debenham Project as volunteers and participants. These are just some of their stories telling about "what we do" and ""what it is like" to be part of the project.

Our Story: Brian

Brian is a regular at the Food ‘n’ Friends Lunch Club along with carers, wife Carol and daughter Sara. Joy Walton, a neighbour of mine, helps organise the lunches and told me about Brian. more

Our Story: Debenham Exercise Club

Exercise & Movement Therapy more

Our Story: A Fit Club Member

I am just 75yrs old, and every week I attend “Fit Club” (seated aerobics) in Dove Cottage more

Our Story: Home from Eye

Several Wednesdays a month I collect a lady from day care in Eye. She greets me as an old friend, surprised that I have more

Our Story: Food 'n' Friends

The lunch club is a brilliant idea- a group of volunteer hosts, carers, and their dependents who meet and share a meal. Sometimes more

Tell us your story

Please contact us using the form below to let us know how you have dealt with problems or to ask for help with any difficulties you have.

All stories will be anonymous but we will contact you for permission to use your story on this page if we feel it is appropriate.