Information & Advice

Getting information and advice can be confusing, and sifting out the good from the bad difficult. The project is providing a simple and straightforward “single door” approach which focuses on the carer.

Finding Out

Carers, with almost no exceptions, say that access to information, advice and services is difficult and confusing. There is a wealth of information available but generally, finding it involves contacting a range of agencies or navigating various different websites. It is easy to become overwhelmed by too much information with much of it not really answering your questions in a language that you can easily understand. Sorting out what is relevant from a large volume of information is also a serious problem.

All this is especially true because carers are, usually, seeking information and advice when they are worried or facing some form of crisis.

The Debenham Project is making access to information and advice as simple and straightforward as possible and in way which matches the needs of the carer.


The Information and Advice centre has four parts.

A leaflet and booklet display at the Debenham Library located at the Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School.

This website.

The Debenham Project information and advice line   01728 862003 (Mon - Fri  9.00pm - 5.00pm)

A personal help service provided by Debenham Library

Useful Links

Dementia Connect

The Alzheimer’s Society

Suffolk Family Carers

Suffolk County Council

Telephone Numbers are on the Contacts Page