In 2009 a public meeting took place which was pivotal in the way that Debenham and its surrounding villages are addressing the challenges that dementia and our ageing population represent. It has led to a community owned and led project in which Debenham has said "we must get on and do something". Since its formal launch in October 2009 local volunteers have developed a range of local dementia support services second to none in the UK. Over the years since then it has been recognised for its innovation and leadership, and Debenham has become the UK's foremost rural "Dementia Friendly Community" within the scope of the "Prime Minister's Challenge on Dementia". Our aim is to help all those families in our area who are having to cope with the impact of dementia on their lives - to offer them the practical and emotional support which can make "living with dementia" a better place than when they were "on their own" - to show that that their community cares and wants to support them in their difficulties - and that there are those around them that have "been there" and understand the problems and emotions that they are going through.



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An Evaluation of the Health, Social and Well-Being Care for the Elderly in Debenham. You have talked to us and we have listened. The report of our research study conducted by The University of Suffolk into the cost and provision of care for the elderly in our community  is now available. (More)

A New Dementia Support Service: “Dementia Together” has been replaced by a new county wide dementia support service called “Dementia Connect”. The services provided are very similar (Phone: 0333 150 3456   E-mail:
For more information (click here)

On-Line Support: We have developed an integrated set of on-line activities which we call our "Well-Being Package". It has been specially designed to help anyone who may be struggling to care for a loved one, worried about the future, depressed, emotionally low, or just tired. It brings together Exercise, Relaxation, Music, and Nature to offer support in your home. (More)

Life during Covid: The life of The Debenham Project suddenly turned upside down in March 2020. No longer could we continue to do what was the core of our support to the local families living with the impact of dementia on their lives, and also to those other participants who benefited from involvement in the groups and activities provided by the Project. If you would like to know more about how we responded to the pandemic please click here.

Life after Covid: The Debenham Project had to rapidly adapt to the lock-down and all that followed. It had to close its groups and face-to-face services but has now re-opened most of these and is looking to the future (More).


Information and Advice
01728 862003
A personal service to guide carers in their requests for information and in making contact with support agencies.